JDA Team Information

Diving Practice Policies

  • Practices for each month will be posted on the website.  Practice times are offered around TCNJ Diving practices (always after TCNJ practices are completed).  As the coach at TCNJ I have a responsibility for their program to make them as competitive as possible.  Their success allows us to have our club program.
  • Arrivals and Departures must be on time.  There is a posted practice time, however, divers are encouraged to come at least 30 minutes beforehand for dryland, trampoline work outs, and stretching, that way we can maximize our time on the boards.  Dryland and trampoline are wonderful tools to work on technique.
  • Parents and other family members are encouraged to watch practice, but must remain in the balcony during practice.  The coaches responsibility is to all the athletes on the team, so distracting the coaches (or athletes) during practice takes time away from everyone.
  • During practice the divers should be prepared and ready to dive when it is their turn on the diving boards.  After the diver completes their dive they should look at the coach for any corrections and other information about what they performed and then know what to work on next.  Any questions should be asked during that time or while in line, and not on the board.

Practice Schedules (unless told differently)

Club practices will be held:

  • Monday 5-7pm
  • Tuesday 5-630pm (13 and under) 630-8pm (14 and older)
  • Thursday 5-630pm (13 and under) 630-8pm (14 and older)
  • Friday 5-7pm
  • Saturday 10-noon (when available)

Lessons Program practices will be held

  • Wednesday 5-630pm (session 1) 630-8pm (session 2)
  • Saturday 8-10am (when available)

Team Commitment to JDA

When you join JDA the divers are committed for the entire year, which concludes after AAU Nationals or USA Junior Nationals (if they qualify).  The divers know the practice schedule and can choose how many practices they wish to attend during the week depending on their schedules, but you are allowed to attend all of them.  In college divers are required to practice 5-6 times per week, being a part of JDA will help the athlete learn time management skills.  The more practices you attend, the better your diving skills will be which will help you reach your personal goals that much quicker.

Diving Fees

Once you join JDA the diving fees are year round (10 months).  You can either pay monthly or bi-monthly (seniors in high school, however, will have a different payment structure).  Those divers in the Lessons Program that move up to the Club team and choose to dive with the Club team will then have the same dues as the other club team members and will be locked in as well.  The divers in the Lessons Program are strictly month to month basis (you won’t be locked in all year, however, the more practice you get, the better chance to move up).  All fees are due at the 1st of each month, after the 5th there will be a late fee enforced and the athlete will have to sit out until the fees are paid. Because we have limited practice time (2 hours per day) there will be a cap on team members.  Once the cap is met registration will close for club team (which is why the fees are for all ten months).

Meet and Training Policy

JDA members will be trained to be competitive on both 1 and 3 meter to their maximum potential.  All divers will attend local meets (even those in lessons programs will have this option as well to compete novice if available) and AAU Nationals, USA Junior Nationals (if qualified).

Diving Memberships

The Club divers will be notified when to register for a USA Diving membership (don’t register until notified).  When registering be sure to join the USA Diving Gold Membership.

Register for USA Diving Here

AAU Memberships.  You MUST have an AAU membership to even practice with JDA. 

Register for AAU here

When you register with AAU be sure and get the Added Benefit/Extended Coverage membership ($16.00).  When registering be sure to register under the JDA Club code.


Hotel Policy

When traveling to National Meets everyone must stay at the Team Hotel.  Nobody should make any hotel reservations for these particular meets.  For National meets JDA will have a head count of those participating and will get a block of rooms reserved, which our price per room will be negotiated for this price.  Hotel information and meets schedule will be sent out to the parents once finalized.  The parents must reserve their room from the block of rooms with the hotel.  When traveling to other meets that may require a hotel stay, you can choose whichever hotel you choose.